1. How to Draw a Pencil in 5 Easy Steps

    Did you know?

    1. Around 1560, an Italian couple named Simonio and Lyndiana Bernacotti made what are likely the first blueprints for the modern, wood-encased pencil. Bravo, bravo!

    2. On 30 March 1858, an American, Hymen Lipman, first attached an eraser to the end of a pencil!

    3. Not all countries use yellow pencils – German and Brazilian pencils, for example, are often green, blue or black.

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  3. draw a dog in 5 easy steps!

  4. how to draw a penguin in 5 easy steps!


  5. Anonymous said: Penguin

    coming soon ;)


  6. Anonymous said: A cat

  8. how to draw pizza in 5 easy steps.

    did you know?

    1. the largest pizza was at the norwood pick ‘n pay hypermarket in johannesburg, south africa. according to the guinness book of records the pizza was 122 feet 8 inches in diameter.

    2. according to a survey by acnielssen in 2004, norway eats the most pizza per any country!

    3. historically, pizza was first developed in naples, italy in 1889.

  9. draw justin bieber in 5 easy steps.

    we think in pictures, not just words! consider these astounding facts:

    • An estimated two thirds of all people are visual learners
    • a full one fourth of our brain is devoted to processing visual information
    • combining images with text or speech increases retention by 40%

    also let’s just pretend that j. biebz is still this kid.

  10. draw a narwhal in 5 easy steps.

    you may not know enough about the majestic unicorn of the sea.